FAQ for SMART Mobile Ticketing Application

SMART Mobile Ticketing Application FAQs

Where can I download the Mobile Ticketing app?
  • The SMART app can be found and downloaded for free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching for "SMART etickets."
  • The SMART Mobile Ticketing app is also availble through the links below.

What types of tickets can I purchase via Mobile Ticketing?

  • Currently, you can purchase one-way or round trip tickets. Discounted fares are available for passengers with disabilities. Up to 20 tickets can be purchased in a single transaction, but there is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be held on one device. 
  • SMART now offers a Weekend Day Pass to our weekend travelers – a fantastic deal for families with children or grandparents. The Weekend Day Pass is $10.00 for adults and 5.00 for passengers with disabilities, and low-income passengers. The Weekend Day Pass offers unlimited rides for the entire day.
  • SMART also offers a Sail and Rail combo ticket for SMART train and the Larkspur ferry and is only available on the SMART e-ticket app.
  • Youth (ages 0-18) and seniors (ages 65+) travel fare-free. 

How much is the new combined ticket?

  • The new combined ticket is $12.00. A round trip is $24.

Where can I use the Sail & Rail Ticket?

  • You can use mobile tickets only on SMART trains and Golden Gate Ferries.

What types of Sail & Rail tickets can I purchase on SMART e-tickets?

  • Currently you can purchase one-way or round-trip tickets. Multiple tickets can also be purchased on one device.

How do I pay for tickets on the app?

  • You can use a credit or debit card to pay for tickets on the mobile app. Apple Pay and Masterpass e-wallets are also accepted.

How and when should I activate my Mobile Ticket?

  • You should activate your ticket prior to boarding the train. Please have the mobile ticket activated and ready to show to the conductor if asked. Your purchased tickets can be found in your Ticket Wallet on the main screen.

Do I need to activate my ticket each time I travel?

  • Yes, tickets must be activated right before you board the train. Round trip tickets will be displayed in your ticket wallet as two one-way tickets.

Do mobile tickets expire?

  • Activated mobile tickets remain valid for 90 minutes, but if purchased tickets are not activated, they will expire after 90 days. On the other hand, the Weekend Day Pass is designed to be valid for an entire day of service and does not expire within 90 minutes after activation. 

What happens if I accidentally activate my ticket?

Do I need to tag on and off?

  • No, just activate the ticket before boarding. Tagging on and off only applies to riders using Clipper. 

I can't find my ticket on the app. Where is it?

  • Your ticket is located in the ticket wallet section in the app. You can also try closing and reopening the app, when you have an internet connection, so the app can refresh.

How does the Engineer/Conductor know that I have a valid ticket?

  • The conductor will visually inspect your activated ticket. Valid tickets will have a bar changing in color on the ticket screen to indicate the ticket is valid and active.

Will I receive transfer credits to other connecting transit services?

  • No, transfer credits are not available via the SMART mobile ticket application.

Do I need to set up an account to be able to use mobile tickets?

  • Yes, setting up an account requires only an email and a password. If your phone is lost or damaged, creating an account will allow SMART to transfer unused tickets to your new phone.

Will my mobile ticket still work if I lose cell phone service while trying to use my ticket?

  • Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or WiFi services to be activated and displayed. You do need connectivity, however, to purchase a ticket.

What happens if my smart phone becomes inoperable (e.g. battery dead) prior to being able to show my mobile ticket?

  • It is your responsibility to have a mobile phone in good working order prior to boarding. If your mobile phone is inoperable, you must use some other payment method for the journey.

If I am travelling with friends and family, can I activate more than one ticket on my phone?

  • Multiple tickets can be purchased and activated on a single device, allowing you to travel with friends and family who do not have tickets or the mobile app on their device.

What happens if I lose my mobile device or buy a new device?

  • If you lose or purchase a new device you can transfer any valid, unused tickets to a new device. To transfer unused tickets to your new device, please contact SMART customer service by calling 511. Please have your application ID known in advance.  This can be found within the mobile application under Help > Application Information.

Are receipts available for mobile ticketing purchases?

  • Receipts are available via email for all mobile tickets. Please enter your email address when purchase a ticket and it will be automatically emailed to you.

Is the train schedule available on the app?

  • The schedule is available under the trip planning section of the app.

I bought a ticket and decided not to ride. Now what?

  • Tickets that have been purchased are valid for 90 days as long as they are not activated.  

Can I get a refund for unused tickets or service disruptions?

  • In general, tickets are not refundable. However, in the case of a service disruption or other circumstance caused by SMART, customers can submit a request for a refund by completing and submitting  a SMART Fare Refund Request Form.

Are there any fees for using mobile ticketing?

  • The mobile ticketing app is free to download. You may incur data usage fees via your mobile service provider for use of the application.  SMART is not responsible for any mobile carrier data changes that may result while using the mobile ticketing application. 

Is the Mobile ticketing application available on all devices?

  • The mobile ticketing application is available on the majority of iOS or Android devices installed with recent operating systems. Older versions of software may not be supported.  

Will the application store my credit card details?

  • You have an option to store your credit card details for future transactions. Customers are required to re-enter their security codes each time.

What security protections are in place to protect my personal information?

  • The Mobile Ticketing platform is fully certified and compliant with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI-DSS). All payments communication are fully encrypted via SSL. Any sensitive data stored is highly encrypted and systems are constantly monitored for security vulnerabilities.
Can I use Mobile Ticketing for any other transit agencies?
  • You can use mobile tickets only on SMART.