SMART Social Distancing Protocol | Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit

SMART Social Distancing Protocol

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 12:10pm
SMART is implementing the best practices for social distancing, as outlined below.



  • Signage at each public entrance of SMART facilities will be posted to inform all employees and customers that they should: avoid entering the facility if they have a cough or fever; maintain a minimum six-foot distance from one another; sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or, if not available, into one’s elbow; and not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.
  • Signage with a copy of this Social Distancing Protocol will be posted at each public entrance to a SMART facility.

Measures to Protect Employee Health:

  • Employees who can carry out their work duties from home have been directed to do so.
  • All employees have been told not to come to work if sick.
  • Symptom checks may be conducted before employees enter a work space.  Employees are encouraged to monitor their temperature at home if they are not feeling well, and report fevers prior to arriving at the workplace. 
  • Any employee who arrives at work exhibiting signs of illness will be directed to leave the work premises.
  • To the extent feasible, employees are encouraged to work at desks or individual work stations separated by at least six feet from other employees. 
  • Meetings will be held via teleconference whenever possible. Social distancing protocols will be observed during in-person meetings.
  • Coordination of activities to maintain the greatest degree of feasible distancing shall be encouraged and common tools shall not be exchanged without taking all efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, including wearing gloves when feasible and disinfecting the tools prior to transfer.
  • Break rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas are being disinfected 3 times per week.
  • Disinfectant and related supplies are available to all employees in the break rooms and bathrooms and copy rooms.
  • Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19, to the extent that it is available, will be provided to all employees at on duty station facilities.
  • Soap and water are available to all employees at restrooms and break rooms.
  • Copies of this Protocol will be distributed to all employees.

Measures to Keep People at Least Six Feet Apart:

  • Signs will be posted outside facilities reminding people to be at least six feet apart.
  • All employees have been instructed to maintain at least six feet distance from customers and from each other, except employees may momentarily come closer when necessary to accept payment, deliver goods or services, or as otherwise necessary.

Measures to Increase Sanitization:

  • Hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant is available to the public inside each DMU and to employees at each work location and anywhere else inside the facility or immediately outside where people have direct interactions.
  • All payment portals will be disinfected.
  • Gloves will be made available for staff handling mail and packages delivered to facilities.
  • All high-contact surfaces will be disinfected.


You may contact the following person with any questions or comments about this protocol:

Name: Lisa Hansley, Human Resources Director                        Phone number: 707-794-3039