Traffic Relief

How Do You Spell Relief?

Traffic Relief

Tired of wasting hours sitting in traffic on Highway 101? Relief is on the way. You asked for a train and a train you shall get.

When it is fully built, SMART will offer clear sailing along the rail tracks that run from Cloverdale, through Healdsburg, Windsor, Santa Rosa and Petaluma; down to Novato, Marin, San Rafael and Larkspur. Running at speeds up to 79 miles an hour in brand new, clean diesel trains, SMART will allow you to get off of 101 and still get where you need to go – for work or for fun. Or if you must drive, SMART will spell relief by easing the burden on our congested roadways.

The SMART train and pathway will help  cut greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of cars on the freeway in Sonoma and Marin County. Along with the environmental benefits, this will help to reduce commute times and improve quality of life in the North Bay. The bike and pedestrian pathway will promote healthy activity and provide an option for travel between neighboring towns and cities without relying on automobiles.

We know it’s hard to be patient – SMART is a complex project, and the largest public infrastructure project undertaken in the North Bay in a generation. Phase I alone between San Rafael and Santa Rosa will require 43 miles of new track, 10 stations, 1 tunnel (in addition to one already reconstructed so far), 49 bridges and 14 new railcars. The project also includes train signaling and control, multiple construction and procurement contracts, and multi-layered regulatory, safety and quality hurdles.

All of which is to say that it’s steady, hard work and not the wave of a magic wand that will get SMART up and running. We are working hard every day to deliver SMART and all the benefits it will bring. We know you’ll like what you see.

Get SMART – There’s a Train Coming to Town