The Alternative to Highway 101


Tired of sitting in traffic along Highway 101? Looking for a green alterative to sitting in your car? Looking to create jobs in the North Bay to help stir our economy? There’s one place to look: SMART.

You asked for it and you voted for it. And we’re working hard to make it happen.

In 2008, almost 70% of the voters of Marin and Sonoma supported Measure Q to create a train that connects the two counties. Despite headwinds in the worst recession in 50 years, we’re moving forward to make SMART a reality.

We’re not stopping until we’ve done what you asked us to do: create an energy-efficient, green alternative to sitting in traffic on Highway 101. Once SMART is operational, you’ll be able to ride the train along the tracks or ride on the SMART bike and pedestrian pathway system.

Today, energy-efficient, clean diesel trains have been ordered. The tracks, bridges, crossings and stations are being renovated, built and prepared along with access to stations via SMART Pathway segments. We’re also creating a SMART Connector bus to connect Cloverdale to Santa Rosa and San Rafael to Larkspur.

We’re excited and we want you to get excited with us. We’re investing in the future of the North Bay. With SMART, we can jump into the 21st century by getting out of our cars – and riding a train or a bike.

SMART – There’s a Train Coming to Town